When trying to develop a certain type of site, system or application, there are a lot of things to consider like user interface, design, and functionality but above all these it is also important to know the behaviors of your target users and to achieve this one, UX research methods are your friendly aid.
UX research methods play a vital role when starting to develop your web applications. These methods focus on understanding user behaviors, needs and motivation through various observation techniques, task analysis and feedback methodologies.
There are a lot of research methods available that can help you get the necessary data you need either qualitative or quantitative. Here are some examples of research methods that can help you get to know your users better.

Card sorting

  • This method can help design or evaluate the information architecture of your site. It will help you understand your users’ expectations and understanding of your topics.

Contextual Interviews

  • This method is less formal than others but its results are realistic. Here, you watch and listen as users navigate your website then to understand more on what the user is thinking and feeling you can ask her questions as he/she uses the site.

First Click Testing

  • First Click Testing checks on what a user will click first on the interface to finish his/her task. Through this method, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your liking structure as well as the navigation of your site.

Focus Group

  • In a focus group, which includes about 5 to 10 persons, you can have a moderated discussion to know your users’ attitudes, beliefs, desires, and reactions to different concepts.

Online Surveys

  • Your online survey is basically composed of a structured questionnaire that your audience should fill up. Through this you can have the opportunity to know who your users are, what your users want to accomplish and what information are they looking for.

Usability Testing

  • In Usability Testing, you can evaluate your product or services by testing it with your chosen participants. In the end, you will be able to gather qualitative and quantitative data, determine your participants’ satisfaction and identify usability problems.

System Usability Scale

  • System Usability Scale (SUS) is a tool consists of a 10-item questionnaire that your audience can answer. It is a quick way of evaluating your products, services like websites and applications. Though it is a quick survey it is still a reliable tool that can effectively differentiate a usable system to an unusable one.

Selecting the right research method is very essential for the success and effectiveness of your product. To guarantee good product results, you should carefully strategize your research approach and know the best research method to use in all phases of your project.

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